Underground Infrastructure Service

Underground Infrastructure Service

FOSS Engineering and Construction Company Limited, an affiliate of our Company that is well recognized by our clients because of their handy work. With their Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) machine, they complete engineering works, underground cabling construction projects for high to low voltage electrical systems, telecommunications cabling systems, and pipe surveys or underground public utility systems professionally.


  • Global Positioning System (GPS) : 2 Machines
  • Underground Obstacle Surveyer (GPR) : 2 Machines
  • 3D software
  • 2 teams of staff
  • Surveying
  • AUTOCAD sample
  • 3D survey images

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Underground obstacle surveyer (GPR)

3D software

Surveying Example

AUTOCAD sample

3D survey images


This software program is used specifically for planning to drill surfaces using the information collected from the mapping process to create visible graphics for actual usage from start to finish.

Design Example

Obstacle Example

Design by professional engineers

Material and equipment

HDPE Main Supplier

Microduct Main Supplier 

HDPE 3 Layers

Pipe factory and HDPE transportation

Microduct transportation



  • D20 x 22

    2 Machines

  • D23 x 30 S3

    3 Machines

  • D36 x 50 S2

    2 Machines

  • D40 x 55 S3

    1 Machine


HDD Drilling Fluid

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Drilling methods

Using the HDD (Horizontal Directional Boring machine), we are able to drill underground routes for conduits without having to excavate the ground surface. This is suitable for placing conduits with communication cables, telephone cables, gas pipes, plumbing pipes, and pipelines that cross rivers, as these tasks require detailed surveys on the area that is planned to be drilled and underground spaces using the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) beforehand to find underground obstacles. Afterwards, the location where the machines will be installed shall be determined. Generally, HDD machines must be installed spaced from each other, and its drilling position must be thoughtfully considered to suit the depth of the pressure well. While drilling, F5 and transmitter machines will also be used to measure the drilling depth, which can be as deep as 30 meters.

Mud suction machine




VX200-2600 6'' Vacuum 2600 Gallon

Completed projects

FOSS Telecom Company Limited (FOSS)