Smart City

FOSS is a business that wants to improve the society

FOSS Telecom Company Limited (FOSS)

Apart from telecommunication network implementing business which is FOSS’s main business,

we also seek opportunities and potential to serve the general public by introducing the technology

that we have to improve infrastructure for the general public, such as in the Smart City project.

Presently, FOSS has developed and integrated our IOT system to respond to the needs of the urban lifestyle, such as developing sensor systems, smart devices, centralized control systems, along to automatic control systems in our FOSS Smart City Platform. We want to apply our know-hows to relieve problems, and enhance the efficiency of systems to save time, for comfort, and safety to uphold the society’s quality of life.


Smart City Platform

• Cybersecurity
• Device management
• Network management
• Application development
• Analytics
• Mobility
• Reporting
• Simulation
• Back office, and more

Smart City Device

• CCTV with Analysis
• Automatic Car License
• Plate Recognition
• Perimeter Control
• Speed Detection
• Parking Lot Analytic
• Smart Access Control
• Smart Garbage Management System
• Environment Monitoring
• Waste Water Monitoring
• Smart Water Management

Smart City Infrastructure

• Underground duct
• Fiber Optic network
• Microduct system
• Telecom tower
• Smart Pole


Smart Infrastructure

• Underground duct and fiber access
• Wire/Wireless , Application control
• Public Wifi Coverage
• LoRa Network
• Smart Pole

Smart Device Technology

• CCTV with Analysis
• Automatic Car License Plate Recognition
• Perimeter Control
• Speed Detection
• Parking Lot Analytic
• Smart Access Control Integrated with CCTV

Smart Environment

• Environment Monitoring
• Waste Water Monitoring
• Zero Wasted Water Discharge

Smart Energy

• Solar Farm/Solar Roof top integrated with Power distribution system

Smart Management

• Intelligent Building System
• Intelligent City Operation Center
• Smart Meeting Room
• City Application platform

Smart Mobility

• EV Shuttle Bus with Tracking System
• Smart Bus Stop
• Smart Car Park
• Smart Taxi
• Share Bike & Car

Smart City Ecosystem

Technology That Drive Smart City

Smart City Target


For the safety of the citizen in Smart City, there must be a technology for surveillance to prevent various disasters, including alerts for incidents. As well as to prevent criminals in committing various crimes For the purpose of providing security in life and property to citizens

Ex- Smart CCTV, Smart sensor, Disaster warning, Pollution Warning system

Smart Facilitor

Using technology to facilitate the citizen in their daily life such as traveling, transaction, notification, spending and monitor transaction control

Ex- E-Wallet, E-Ticket for Publie Transportation, Mobile Banking, E-Government.

Green Environment

Using technology to improve the environment in safe conditions suitable for our daily life. To improve the quality of life and health of the population

EX – Air Filter system, Bio Tree Air Filter, Traffic limit system, West Water Management

Quality of Life

Must improve a better quality of life for the population, reducing the effects on living the urban area and improving mental health
EX- Automatic transportation, Grab, Line man, Garbage management , Water management, Smart Building.


  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Living
  • Smart People
  • Smart Government
  • Smart Economic
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Energy Management

Smart Environment

• Resource Conversation
• Environment balance
• Environment management
• Environment monitoring

Smart Living

• Healthy
• Public Safety
• Intelligence Living Facility

Smart People

• Knowledgeable and digital
• Citizen
• Learning environment
• Inclusive society

Smart Government

• Government Service Accessibility
• Citizen participation
• Transparency

Smart Economic

• Business Agility
• Business connectivity
• Business Innovation and
• Transformation

Smart Mobility

• Accessibility
• Convenience
• Efficiency
• Safety
• Green

Smart Energy Management

• Energy Consumption
• Energy Generation
• Energy Distribution
• Green House effect reduction
• Smart Grid

The benefits from the Smart City project

1. We can relocate all communication cables to underground conduits.
2. We can place small smart poles in the urban areas to be orderly and with a shared purpose.
3. Enhance the cityscape to be without any tangled cables and place smart poles that are orderly and blend in with the city view.
4. Reduce accidents caused by communication cables, such as fire, or wires tangling pedestrians or commuting vehicles.
5. The city receives income from the rental fees of underground conduits and smart poles.
6. Enhanced safety from smart CCTV systems for the safety of the citizens in the city and on public transport.
6. The weather conidtion and pollution level in the city can be checked, notified, and ordered to resolve the problems.
7. The public transport system and traffic density can be tracked for further handling.
8. The city’s systems can be checked and controlled e.g. water drainage systems, waste management systems, traffic, to accidents in an instant manner.
9. The city’s control systems are centralized for testing and ordering. Results can be observed on the mobile application.
10. Big data can be analyzed for future system imporvements in the future.

FOSS Telecom Company Limited (FOSS)