Smart City Platform

FOSS is a business that wants to improve the society

FOSS Telecom Company Limited (FOSS)

In addition to the telecommunications network business, which is the Foss’s main business, we also see the opportunity and the potential of the organization to be a part in bringing advancement in digital technology , Extreme speed information and communications systems to participate in the infrastructure of the public service and control system of the Smart city. To Increase the potential of the city by improvements and increasing the efficiency of various systems by focusing on solving city’s problems resulting in flexibility ,Save time, convenient with safety which leads to improved quality of life for people in the urban society. Currently, Foss has conducted preparation and Develop and integrate our IOT system to meet the needs of City. By developing sensor systems, smart devices, centralized control systems, and automatic control systems, all of which are in the Foss Smart City Platform. For the purpose of providing Comfort, safety, and unlimited quality of life for urban population

In the Industrial Internet of Things architecture, smart city platforms reside at the enterprise level.

These platforms perform many functions, including analytics, remote asset monitoring, performance management, decision support and/or presentation components. At a minimum, the functionality of a smart city platform must include


Application enablement

Data management

The platform may also include

• Cybersecurity
• Device management
• Network management
• Application development
• Analytics
• Mobility
• Reporting
• Simulation
• Back office, and more…

Garbage Management System

Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) are automated machines that utilize advanced technology to identify, sort, collect and process used beverage containers.

Smart Location with Next Gen. Qr code

Any Distance: Up to 100x the size of the code.
Multi-Marker Scanning: Simultaneously scans multiple codes.
Faster: Extreamely fast processing time leads.
Robust: illumination conditions and wide scanning angles.
Any media: Supports any printed or digital platform.
Use your applications: With APIs into your own mobile applications and back-end system.
Actionable: any content, assign actions and publish campaigns.
Measurable: Features Advanced Analytics and reporting tools.
Appearance: Colorful codes that can be branded or made into custom shapes.

Parking Control System

Next Generation QR code

We provides a new and amazing interactive experience with the physical world. Unlike QR codes, Next Gen. QR code work with your phone at any distance and on any medical just point your phone’s camera to any tag or media displaying the NGN QR code marker and instantly connect with rich and engaging content.

Ar for Tourist

Offers an excellent selling experience and augmented environments, which can be enhanced in diverse ways in the tourism sector.

FOSS Telecom Company Limited (FOSS)