About Us

Business Performance

FOSS Telecom Company Limited (FOSS) has unmatched experience in planning and installing telecommunication systems and underground cabling systems,

contributing to many successful governmental and private projects in our 2 decades of service. No matter how challenging a project can be, FOSS has efficiently applied our potential to provide well-recognized services with our combination of engineering technology, the organization’s expertise, our staff’s skills, along to the modern technology and machines to deliver satisfying results punctually while meeting the international standards we are proud of.





Installation Equipment

Managing Telecommunication Projects

Because of these combined advantages, FOSS is highly capable of providing a full range of services for clients—from planning, surveying, designing, installing, to managing telecommunication projects. FOSS’s high responsibility and honesty towards our clients are our rule of thumb, enabling us to be the first choices for Thai clients, enhancing the people’s quality of life and supporting the country’s economy all along.

“FOSS’s services are flawless, our products are full of quality, and we deliver projects punctually.”

Business Profile

We have recently celebrated our 20th year of stable success in the business, which began since;


FOSS Telecom Company Limited was officially established to provide all-round telecommunication system implementation services.


The Company’s registered capital was increased to 60 million baht to support large scale client projects.


FOSS Engineering and Construction Company Limited was formally founded with a registered capital of 5 million baht to complete electrical and civil engineering projects.


FOSS Telecom Company Limited was certified to conduct a telecommunication business with a owned network from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commision (NBTC)No.3 Kor/62/002.


Look Beyond

FOSS Telecom Company Limited (FOSS)

aims to develop our technology, machinery, and equipment to be updated at all times in order to become the service provider of information sending & reception and to support the Smart City project in the future.

Standard & Certificate

The success of our clients’ projects are FOSS’s greatest pride.

Throughout the entire 20 years of service, FOSS has always been committed to applying our experience and expertise in our work field to build impressive outcomes for our clients. Assured with our strict engineering standards and safety principles, we have been entrusted by numerous private and public organizations.