FOSS Telecom Company Limited (FOSS)

FOSS’s knowledge, experience, and expertise accumulated through 2 decades in the telecommunications field

has made us creatively unique and passionate with our work. We deeply understand our clients’ demands and can professionally take care of your projects from the beginning during the planning and analysis process to post-installation.

Engineering Survey

FOSS assigns our team of expert engineers to the site

Every time before initiating a project, FOSS assigns our team of expert engineers to the site to do field surveys and collect information that will be deeply analyzed to design the most efficient system for each project.

Engineering Design

FOSS designs engineering systems based on analyzed information from the location, budget, demands

to the worthiness of investment. Our systems are designed correctly according to engineering standards and are completely safe throughout all processes. All our machines and equipment are well selected and imported from America. We plan and manage our projects with efficiency, delivering the most trustworthy outcomes.

Construction & Installation

Clients can feel assured as FOSS’s construction and installation services are carried out by experts

with years of experience in the field. We invest in modern, quality machines and equipment that are imported directly from the United States.

Commissioning & Maintenance

FOSS offers commissioning services to test that the system is safely working perfectly

as planned before delivering the project to our clients. Our engineers also provide maintenance and tracking services throughout the entire duration of the contract.

FOSS Telecom Company Limited (FOSS)