Smart City Infrastructure


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Because FOSS realize that Telecommunications infrastructure Is necessary for the City development and life of a citizen. We therefore strive to develop, design and select methods for the development of telecommunications infrastructure in the urban area. Which will answer In matters of organization. Telecommunication network cables and telecommunication towers to be orderly, improve the field of vision And prevent various accidents While also reducing duplicated investment Which the operation will be based on the resources sharing concept. We will participate and push to be partner with the city, With our strengths in engineering expertise and has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. We are committed to delivering the best quality networks to our partners.


Access Service

Allows ISPs to migrate their aerial cables by our underground duct/Fiber and connect through their customer along the service area.

Dark Fibre Service

Allows Operator to connect place to place along Pattaya area by our dark fiber service.

Microduct service

Allows Operator to Rent the microtube place to place

5G Technology Comparison

Technology Sample download speed (Megabits download per second) Download Beyonce album Download full movie (High quality)
3G 2 Mbps 7 minutes 100 minutes
4G 12 Mbps 67 seconds 17 minutes
5G 100 Mbps 8 minutes 2 minutes

Smart pole Solution

Rain gauge
Wind Direction Vane
Light Sensor
Gate way & Sensor server
1 Monotoring Center
2 Internet
3 Mobile Device

Environmental air pollution detection
Toxic Gas Detector
Water Level

Due to the change in technology with non-stop, the required usage of high-speed internet on the telephone has been rapidly developing, with the 5G technology made the growing need for installing the smart pole in town.
Foss would like to present the “Foss Smart Pole Solution” another choice for the customers by using principles resource sharing to maximize the benefits to prevent the scenery in smart city, to prevent duplication of investment, to reduce unnecessary expenses and can be completely manageable

Smart City System Integration

Smart City System Architecture

Customer Paint Point

City's Paint Point : Tangle Cable


The City need to provide telecom infrastructure to organize all tangle cable by move its down to underground duct system.

Business Term

To be cooperation with FOSS to perform telecom Infrastructure with Smart City Solution and Smart City platform plug in, Welcome for business discussion term.

FOSS Telecom Company Limited (FOSS)